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Small Businesses have limited time and resources. You may not be large enough to hire a full time marketing manager and staff, yet you need the support of those individuals now. Smart marketing is essential to grow your business.


  • How does marketing and sales support the overall company objectives?
  • What is the long term vision for marketing at your company?
  • What Key Performance Indicators do you track to make sure that your marketing efforts are meeting your needs?
  • Is Marketing helping you get to revenue faster, or is it slowing you down?

Before you begin executing your marketing plan, you need to know how marketing is going to support your business plan. Here is a simple model that will help frame your marketing plan.

High level Detailed
Where you’re going Goals Objectives
How you’re  going to get there Strategy Tactics

Goals are high-level descriptions of where you’re going, or what you aspire to be. Objectives break down the goals into specific achievable and measurable activities.

Strategies are the methods for you to achieve your goals. A strategy can support one or more goals. Tactics are the specific activities that you’ll use to meet you objectives.

A useful, practical marketing plan will address all of these planning components which, again, should support your overall business plan. This plan establishes the marketing programs that you’ll undertake to accomplish your plan. Those programs become your marching orders for marketing activities.